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It's Been Hard to Be Consistently Creative

I'm going to be honest:

I have ebbs and flows of consistency with this blog. One moment, I'll have a major burst of energy and I'll write all the things; the next moment I'll get discouraged, hate everything and write none of the things.

And honestly in this quarantine, lockdown, pandemic, COVID-19 season, it's been even harder to be consistent, to be creative, to be consistently creative. I've been experiencing a low-grade despair that I'm just getting around to acknowledging and naming.

For the majority of the pandemic, I was fine, hopeful even. And then February 2021 hit and a constant stream of earth-shattering news, followed by earth-shattering news, broke me. I had a stretch of months where I was nervous to even look at my phone because I couldn't take one more call about something traumatic. It has all been too much.

And it has impacted what I've had to say, my ability to use my gifts, and my desire to even want to try at a lot of things. But as the world is opening back up, I'm taking steps to open myself back up, to creativity, to life. So I'm here.

What about you? Have you found it hard to be consistent, creative, to just even be anything is this season? How are you combatting it? Let me know.

Lourdes Anita

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